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Smart Glass / Switchable Glass / PDLC Glass

Smart Glass / Switchable Glass / PDLC Glass Smart Glass / Switchable Glass / PDLC Glass Smart Glass / Switchable Glass / PDLC Glass Smart Glass / Switchable Glass / PDLC Glass
Type PDLC Laminated Glass
Thickness 10mm or 12mm
Other Colors Ultra Clear,Bronze,Green,Grey,Blue and Pink,etc.
Standard Size Customized and Max.1800x4200mm.
Lead time About 20 days upon receipt of your deposit or confirmation.
MOQ 100 Sqm.
Package Paper or powder interlayer between two glass panels and plywood crates with straps.
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union,Paypal.
Place of origin CHINA

Type PDLC Laminated Glass
Thickness 10mm or 12mm
Other Colors Ultra Clear,Bronze,Green,Grey,Blue and Pink,etc.
Standard Size Customized and Max.1800x4200mm.
Lead time About 20 days upon receipt of your deposit or confirmation.
MOQ 100 Sqm.
Package Paper or powder interlayer between two glass panels and plywood crates with straps.
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union,Paypal.
Place of origin CHINA

How It Works

Smart Glass in its "off" state has a frosted or opaque appearance because the PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) remain in a randomized configuration that refracts the light that enters the mixture.

In the clear, or "on" state, an electrical current is passed through the PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) interlayer aligning the microscopic crystals along a number of parallel axes, thus allowing vision through the glass.

Smart Glass is a laminated glass product consisting of a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film sandwiched between two layers of glass and two layers of conductive interlayers. The PDLC film is what allows you to change the visual appearance of the glass from opaque to clear on command (or dim anywhere in between).

Our approved technology provides unprecedented control over the amount of light, privacy and heat that enters a space and is ideal for Residential, Commercial Interior, Retail Store Front, Healthcare and Higher Education applications. Smart Glass is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and compositions.


Products Characteristics

▶ Power transparent, power transmission opaque: this feature is mainly due to the smart membrane liquid crystal "electro-light effect", the product response speed is fast, from completely transparent to completely opaque or vice versa can be done instantaneously.

▶ Safety: Due to the use of laminated glass process, the film in the dimmed glass will be firmly bonded to the glass, so that the smart glass in the impact of broken, glass fragments glued to the film in the middle, there is no glass debris splashing injured.

▶ Environmental features: The smart film and film in the middle of the smart glass can shield more than 90% of the infrared and ultraviolet light. Shielding infrared to reduce thermal radiation and transmission. And shielding ultraviolet, can protect the interior of the furnishings do not appear due to UV irradiation, aging and so protect personnel from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet radiation. Available office partition, important organ control center, high-level residential interior design: light cover glass curtain, sun room, living room, bathroom cubicle, merchandise display and commercial advertising.


                                     Power-on state (on)                                                               Power-off status (off)

▶ Soundproofing characteristics: the smart film and film in the middle of the smart glass have the effect of sound damping. Effectively blocks all types of noise.

▶ Control diversification: manual switch, light control, voice control, temperature control, remote control, remote network control can be.

▶ Simple architecture, low cost, easy installation, convenient control mode, save the installation of curtains cumbersome and future cleaning trouble.

▶ With any area of glass matching, power transparent, opaque state when power is lost, free switching, simple and convenient.


 How do you measure the cost of air borne illnesses from Hospital blinds?  Blinds and other partitions need to be cleaned and sterilized on a frequent basis to minimize the presence MRSA and VRE viruses that could become fatal.  Smart Film used in Hospitals presents a cost effective solution to practically negating the chances of airborne viruses being present or surviving in the Hospital setting.  Easy to clean and sterilize without labor intensive removal and replacement allowing for ongoing usage of hospital facilities and providing the needed privacy.


Designing or redesigning your space in hopes of creating more openness?
Can't afford a tear down renovation?
Smart Film can help!
Smart Film gives you that design option to install glass walls to create that open feel when you want it...flip a switch and you create the privacy you need.


How do you create an open office environment but still have office walls?
With Smart Film of course!!!
Smart Film on glass walls allows you to maintain the open office setting but gives you the flexibility to create needed privacy at the flip of a switch.


·Smart Glass also known as PDLC Glass provides Instant and precise privacy control
·Efficient use of space in the built environment
·Smart Glass blocks 98+% of damaging UV rays
·Eco friendly product
·Exceptional optical qualities that reduce glare and eye strain
·Large sizes of many shapes can be produced
·Our Smart Glass provides stable colour characteristics for the life of the unit
·Aesthetically pleasing
·Hygienic low maintenance reducing the transmission of MRSA and VRE pathogens
·Smart Glass enhances corporate image
·Reduces uncomfortable “Gold fish bowl” feeling when living or working in high-density buildings such as apartment blocks or office complexes
·Reduced fading of carpets, furniture and protect valuable artwork with the advantages of Smart Glass 
·High UV stability
·Low working voltage 
·High video contrast at any viewing angle and any illumination level 
·Long life – tested to in excess of 3,000,000 cycles gives our Smart Glass an incredible advantage over competition.

Kindlyglass Smart Glass Paratermeter


Test Item


Test Results

Test Standard





Max.Size / Thickness




Guard Edge Size








Visible Light







Total Transmittance of Light

















Visual Angle of View





Response Time





Working Voltage




Power Dissipation




Heat Resistance




Wet Resistance




Irradiation Resistance




Drop Ball Impact Stripping Performance




Pellet Bag Impact Performance




Working Temperature


-10~60 ℃


Storage Temperature


-20~70 ℃


Sound Insulation




Thermal Insulation




Vibration Performance




Working Life


>50000 hr


Unpacking and Storage

1) Unboxing

The box should be kept upright at the time of unsealing, or leaning against a slope of 5 to 7 degrees. To prevent damage to the smart glass, the upper cover should be opened first, and then removed from the four sides, carefully remove the smart glass.

▲Warning: Any wires that connect smart glass are not available to lift, move, or secure the smart glass, nor can they be pulled by force.

2) Storage

The edges and corners of the glass are often damaged by careless handling, so you should be alert from time to time. If the smart glass

The place where the glass is used or the storage condition sits at more than 80%, and you should always pay attention to seal protection. smart glass must be installed in a dry environment to avoid staining. The glass storage temperature is -20to 60 degrees C, and the overall glass temperature should be consistent to avoid moisture condensing on the panel. Boxes containing dimmed glass should be kept upright or leaning against a sturdy slope of 5 to 7 degrees to support the weight of the box.




Glass Installation

1) Before installation must check each piece of glass, if there is a size error, corner breakage, scratches, wear or quantity is not the right, please do not install.

2) If there is no manufacturer's instructions, please do not arbitrarily remove the label of the glass supplier, follow the light-encased glass installation instructions and drawings.

3) Remove residue and other hard material bulges from the frame.

4) There must be a gasket on the window frame, according to the manufacturer's recommendations to trim the size and quantity, the standard width, thickness gasket mounted on the window frame.   Gaskets can use rubber, wood blocks and other materials, in the corner and connection area for waterproof and air-sealing edge protection.

5) The four sides of the glass factory have been protected by sealing glue, in order to prevent the elements of the glass glue from erosion into the interior of the smart glass, so before installation must confirm that the sealing rubber is intact. If there is a local sealing edge glue off, the installer needs to re-seal the edge glue.

6) Before installing the smart glass, the check box body has an outlet hole or groove, when installing, pay attention to the connection of the electrical route. When using smart glass in wet environments, special attention must be paid to the connection safety of the circuit during installation.

7) When installing the glass needs to be installed vertically, not to tear off the protective film.

8) When installing the outer border after the glass is fixed, care should be taken to prevent hard objects from touching the glass or welding sparks burning the glass. Dust, welding sparks or other hard objects that touch the glass surface during installation may cause irreparable damage.

9) After installation, you need to hit the glass glue immediately: use non-acid glass glue, please make sure to use smart glass special glass glue.

10) Installation and finished product protection site environment to maintain clean, dust-free pollution, benzene-free volatile pollution, otherwise will corrode damaged smart glass.


Circuit Installation

1) All relevant circuits for smart glass wiring must be installed by qualified electrical engineers or directed on site by manufacturer personnel.

2) Before installation, the exposed electrode, electrode and wire contact with the metal frame, so as not to damage the power supply and smart glass. The exposed electrodes and wires during the glue process or transport can be covered with insulation tape.

3) First make sure that the power supply is not switched on, the installation of smart glass before the confirmation box body has an outlet hole or groove.

4) Before installation, check whether the electrode position of each piece of glass is well sealed and confirm that there is no sealant off.

5) Glass wiring as shown in Figure 1 (as reference disreference dononon on the last page of this manual): It is prohibited to connect the glass electrode line directly to 220V voltage, and the smart glass electrode line is connected with AC70V or 60V at the power output. Multi-piece smart glass should be connected in parallel with the power supply outlet as shown in Figure 1. (Power input, output voltage actually see power identification)

Warning: smart glass must operate at a special supply voltage, and excessive voltage and current can cause serious damage to the glass product. Service in service and circuitry must be provided only after a professional electrical engineer has fully understood the product.

6) When wiring, the two lines of the smart glass are connected to the line of fire at the power output point, and the wiring method is connected by T-branch,

The wiring process must not pull the wires hard.

7) Pull the waterproof tape tightly wrapped to the wiring, and then wrap the insulation tape seal.

8) After wiring, put the main line in the wiring slot to prevent rats from gnawing.

9) Before plugging in, test the resistance reading between the metal frame and the electrode to determine if it is infinite, otherwise you must check the short circuit and insulate the electrode part of the metal frame.

10) After turning on the power supply, check that the glass panel is transparent, if any one or more smart glass does not respond:

a, check that the current circuit breaker is ok, otherwise the fuse must be reset or replaced.

b, check the wall socket is properly powered, otherwise it must be replaced.

c, check the input of the power supply and the wire connecting the wall socket to the power supply is properly energized.

d, check the output of the power supply is normal, otherwise it may be a blown fuse, must replace the same kind, size of the fuse.

Warning: Do not replace a higher-grade fuse! The right fuse is important to protect the smart glass and the power supply.



Product Cleaning

When the glass is installed, the architect, contractor or user must take responsibility for the protection and cleaning of the glass, and regular cleaning of the glass on a daily basis is also necessary. Rust-prone steel and alkaline substances can damage the glass surface. Wear-and-wear cleaners should never be used, especially when glass surfaces are reflective coatings. After cleaning with a clean, soft cloth with neutral soap or alcohol liquid, clean and dry immediately with clean water.


After-sales Service

In order to ensure that the interests of customers are not harmed, our company promises to dimglass within one year free quality assurance, life-long maintenance services, power supply and accessories warranty period of one year.

1) Free quality assurance within one year: my company's smart glass in the customer's location from the date of one year, within one year, in the normal use of quality problems, my company will give free repair services.

2) Life-long maintenance services: our company smart glass products after one year of use, will be at a favorable price to provide accessories and maintenance services.



In one of the following cases, product damage is not covered by the warranty, including:

1) Glass damage occurs during handling, storage and installation.

2) Not in accordance with our company's installation requirements for installation, commissioning, use, resulting in damage.

3) Man-made damage damage to the sealing material around the glass.

4) Not timely and correct use of our company to provide special glue sealglass perimeter and gaps between the glass;

5) Do not use the power supply (transformer) or controller that our company provides or approves, or do not wire according to the requirements of the glass circuit wiring in the instructions.

6) Remove or repair the smart glass (including edge strip, power supply and controller).

7) Man-made bumpglass or scratch the glass surface.

8) Failure caused by irresistible factors such as natural disasters.

9) Other failures caused by misuse, unmanageable, accident, or use in an abnormal work environment.

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